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Hive Starter Pack

Hive Starter Pack

Hive Starter Pack image 1225869754393
Hive Starter Pack image 1225869787161
Hive Starter Pack image 1225869819929
Hive Starter Pack image 1225869852697
Hive Starter Pack
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Control your home from the palm of your hand

With the Hive Starter Pack, you can make your home smarter by controlling lights and appliances. Schedule your lights to turn on at the right time, or turn off appliances just by walking out the door.

Included in the Starter Pack 


Two Hive Active Lights

Match the lighting to your mood. If you’re working late, keep it cool white. If you’re done for the day, relax with warmer white. Simply adjust your Cool to Warm White smart bulb from your smartphone.


Hive Active Light

Hive Active Plug

Hive Active Plugs make your existing home appliances smart. Now you can turn your appliances on and off from anywhere, or have them switch off automatically when you don’t need them.


Hive Active Plug

Two Hive Window or Door Sensors

Enjoy life to the fullest, knowing that everything’s okay at home with your Hive Window or Door Sensor. The Window or Door Sensor alerts you when your window or door is opened and closed, and can connect to the other products in the Hive Starter Pack.


Hive Window or Door Sensor

Hive Hub

The Hive Hub is the heart of your connected home. It connects your Hive products and allows you to control them remotely with the Hive app from wherever you are — on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Just plug the Hive Hub into your router, pair your Hive products and you’re good to go.


Hive Hub



With the award-winning Hive app you can control the lighting and outlets in your home from anywhere. Match the lighting to fit your mood. Dim the lights or change the tone from cool to warm. Make any appliance smart. Switch appliances on and off with your phone.


Your smart home should work on your schedule. Have your lights go on, off or dim when you need them to, and change the color temperature to fit the type of light you need. You can set between one and six scheduled time slots a day. Create vacation schedules for your Hive Active Lights to make your home look occupied when you're away.


Bring your home to life with Hive Actions. The Actions section of the Hive app makes it effortless to link up your lights, sensors and plugs so that your home responds to you however you want it to. What will you do with yours?

  • Come home to a bright house. Turn on a light by opening the front door. Your Hive Door Sensor can switch on your Hive Active Light for a nice welcome home.
  • Turn your iron off by leaving the house. Link your Hive Window or Door Sensor to a Hive Active Plug and never worry again.


Hive Window Sensor

Get started

What You'll Need

    • A broadband connection
    • A router with a spare Ethernet port connection and an extra power supply close to your Internet router
    • An iPhone or iPad using iOS 9 or later or a device running Android (minimum 4.0.3) if you want to use the Hive App
    • A computer or tablet with Internet access and an up-to-date web browser (we recommend; Internet Explorer 10 or the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari) if you want to control your products from your computer

Hive's Secure System

Hive has strict security measures in place to protect your personal information and access to your system. Access to your account is protected by a password that you set the first time that you log in. Hive never stores your password unencrypted.



Product  Technical Specs
Hive Hub

Width: 96.1mm
Height: 96.6mm
Depth: 27.3mm
Weight: 114g

Active Light

Diameter: 2.36 inches
Height: 4.72 inches
Weight: 2.54 ounces
Brightness: 806 Lm
Power Consumption: 9W
Energy Rating: A+
Operating Voltage: 220-240V
Color Temperature: 2700K-6500K L70
Lifetime: 25000 hrs
Beam Angle: 230 degrees
Usage: For indoor use only​

Window or Door Sensor

Width: 0.90 inches
Height: 2.76 inches
Depth: 0.94 inches
Weight: 0.85 ounces
Width: 0.47 inches
Height: 2.76 inches
Depth: 0.59 inches
Weight: 0.85 ounces

Active Plug

Width: 2.05 inches
Height: 3.94 inches
Depth: 1.22 inches
Weight: 4.34 ounces
Operating Voltage: 120 – 240V
Maximum Rating: 15A, 1.8kW
Usage: Indoor only