Same Day Water Heater Installation


National Gride Rhode Island offers same day installation on an array of water heaters. We've partnered with a select group of installers that will replace your water heater within 1 business day. Qualifying energy efficient models include an instant rebate up to $600!

How it Works



Need help? Our Hot Water Heater Concierge is here for you. Use the chat window below or call us at 1-844-325-9299




If you've selected a rebate model, you can claim your instant rebate and have it discounted from your order.




You'll receive a call shortly after confirming your order from our Hot Water Concierge to confirm compatibility, make any adjustments and set up your installation appointment time.


Why use our professional installers?

Yes, it is tempting to try and install a water heater yourself to save an extra few bucks. But, there are some serious risks to you, your family and your home by installing incorrectly, not to mention can be very expensive in the long run. All water heaters purchased through our marketplace are bundled with installation to save you time and give you peace of mind.

Installation Based on Water Heater Type

We offer different installation services depending on if you are replacing an old water heater or installing a brad new system. Here's what to expect on installation day based on the different installation services we offer:

Replacing a heat pump with favorable conditions:

  • Place and level mounting pad
  • Mount and secure condenser to pad
  • Install heat exchanger in existing supply plenum
  • Connect, insulate lines between condenser and heat exchanger
  • Connect existing thermostat
  • Connect condenser to power
  • Charge condenser with up to 12 lbs of R410a refrigerant
  • Power unit
  • Verify proper cycling and temperature control. Includes planning, equipment and material acquisition, area preparation and protection, setup and cleanup.
  • Remove and dispose of existing unit
  • Any surface demolition, structural modifications, and restoration if needed may result in an additional cost
  • Note: Permits may be required and additional fees may apply.

Don't have the proper hookups for a heat pump? No problem.

We can install your new heat pump by replacing your central air furnace and install a dedicated 240V circuit.

    Need Help Choosing?

    Have questions on which water heater is right for you? Don't see what you're looking for? Our concierge is here to help. Use the chat below to get started.

    Prepare to answer the following questions before chatting with our concierge:

    • How do you currently heat your water? Gas or Electric?
    • How much space do you have for your water heater?
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